Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Arena Baggage

Matt from Gainesville wanted a fully customized (flap and body) Extra Large bag. The state of Florida is angled across the flap, so it's perfectly horizontal when he puts it on. Matt wanted to incorporate part of his old, defunct faux-leather bag, so I used it to make the outer pockets. Matt also does a lot of bicycle touring (his Bradenton-Gainesville route is outlined on the flap) so he wanted to be able to extend the flap of the bag across his entire bike trailer for rain protection. Voila, a tarp/messenger bag hybrid is born! This bag comes complete with only one flap buckle, extra tie down straps, an over the right shoulder strap, and more other custom options than you can shake a stick at. Matt will be traveling all across the country this summer with his bag. See if you can spot him (he'll stick out like a sore thumb)!

Jaim'ee wanted a slightly modified size large (an inch or two shorter) with two red chickadees. She was going for gaudy with this bag, and the brown, red, gold, white combo certainly fit the bill. This bag comes complete with custom pockets, internal divider, cell phone holder, compression straps, and a reflective strip on the flap. I altered the strap slightly to fit a girl's body better.

Thursday, July 06, 2006

Arena Baggage

Mark from Kentucky wanted a floating pyramid on a size large bag. After much, much debate, the vibrant and coordinating color scheme was settled upon. The bright colors give the bag a mystical, yet slightly playful appearance. The pyramid gives the bag an added depth, as it is made of the vinyl liner material to alter the texture of the image.