Friday, October 12, 2007

Arena Baggage

Finally the pictures can come make the leap from camera to hard drive, and finally the quintessential leap across the world wide web!

Ladies and gentlemen, I present for your viewing pleasure the one and only, adequately coined by the owner himself, Mt. Bikemore bag! A good friend changed my life with a beautiful shift lever and in return, what else could I do but make him a bag? When given free reign over a design, my tastes tend to go toward the ridiculous. What you see here is (starting on the left) the venerable Eddy Merckx, followed rather goofily by the Ronald-McDonald-haired Greg Lemond, followed, appropriately, by the great Badger, Bernard Hinault. Who could that last famed rider be, you might ask. Why it's none other than Mr. Dan Action himself, immortalized in thread. Cheesy? Perhaps. But hey, if it wasn't, what fun would it be? Ride-Rite!

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Arena Baggage

Oh dearest Internet, it's been far too long. Let's not pretend like I haven't been busy though. Although the crucial link between my camera and computer has somehow been misplaced, I've got a few pictures back-logged. So let's get rolling!

Ty up in Oregon snagged a medium with a beautiful lotus flower on it. The Sanskrit 'Om' is also found in the lower right hand corner of the flap. Someplace on the bag is a hidden pocket too.

Ben was kind enough to pick up a size large for his friend's birthday. It's got an exploded bike on the flap with all the main players labeled. It's recurring theme is definitely 'bright' with an emphasis on 'pink'. If I remember correctly, the outer pockets are also day-glo florescent pink. I definitely got a chance to perfect my lettering technique on this one...

Nate decided to pick up a hip pouch of a custom size. After a few snafus in the process, we were finally both happy with the results. The design on the flap is one of those fish with a dangly light attached to it's head to lure in fish. A blinkie clip-on strap is strategically placed where the dangly light should go. This was my first real foray into the world of plain 'ole embroidery as opposed to applique, and I think it turned out splendidly, if I do say so myself.

More to follow hopefully soon, as soon as I can finish unpacking in my new space and I can find all the delightful things that make sewing ever-so-much easier.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Aena Baggage

Now available for immediate shipping! A customer and I recently decided to head in a different direction with a bag order, but I went ahead and finished the bag, as I

was fond of the design and overall aesthetic of the bag. It's now available for sale (e-mail for price) or up for trade for a rear disc wheel and aero front wheel. The bag details are as follows:

Size Large
Black outer, black liner
Ballistic nylon base
Double lined outer pockets
Shoulder pad
The artwork was done by Mike Giant and used with permission. The print of the artwork is available for sale on his site.

In other news, Price went ahead and picked up a size large bag with an anatomically correct heart drawn by his girl friend. The red, blue, and black color scheme worked astonishingly well, and I was quite pleased with how it came out, as was Price.

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Arena Baggage

Eric Stubbs asked me to be a sponsor for the Gainesville Bikes, Camera Action! photo-scavenger race in Gainvesille back in January. Along with several other local businesses and framebuilder Brendan McGrath of McGrath Bicycles, I pitched in with a prize (Brendan is actually building a custom frame for the first place winner!). It's a size large with a few additional features, and a Polaroid on the flap to commemorate the photography aspect of the race. Lucky Danny from Tallahassee won it for the best individual photo!

Shannon from Tallahassee also picked up a bag from me. It's the same medium/large hybrid that Mark got a while back with an outline of a beautiful ballerina dancing across the flap.

The annual Broken Hearts and Bike Parts race in Atlanta came around again (the third one!) to benefit the Sopo Bike Co-op. Amy rode an amazing race and won the bag in the end. I'm told a fellow named Austin snagged the hip pouch by getting a bonus for riding all the way out to Decatur and back. Speaking of which, now introducing the Arena Baggage hip pouch!

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Arena Baggage

Well, it's time for a much needed update. I've been busier than usual and had a bit of a holiday run on bags to boot.

Zach got his order in early for this delightful bag for Sarah. It's a custom size, somewhere in between a large and a medium. It's as wide as a large, but not quite as deep, making it slightly more envelope-like. It's got a wonderful yellow and blue color scheme and a freshly redesigned 3/4" thick closed-cell foam shoulder pad.

Pat picked up a size large as a Christmas present to himself. It's got a small white bear with the word Libertas embroidered just below. Also included are reflective tails on the strap ends.

Megan went all out and surprised Mark with this delightful messenger bag. It's a custom size, based on a large, but made just a few inches narrower across the shoulders. It comes with freshly redesigned double lined outer pockets and a thick, comfortable shoulder pad.

Jenny picked up a custom bag to take to her office holiday party as a (very nice) Secret Santa gift. It's a custom size, designed to hold just a few file folders and notebooks. The company logo is sprawled across the front of the strap, and the orange, white, and grey color scheme is continued throughout the bag. Jenny's boss, who ended up receiving the bag, was more than pleased.

P.S. Jenny is really adorable, and it was a pleasure to work with her! (Not that all my customers aren't equally as enjoyable...)