Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Aena Baggage

Now available for immediate shipping! A customer and I recently decided to head in a different direction with a bag order, but I went ahead and finished the bag, as I

was fond of the design and overall aesthetic of the bag. It's now available for sale (e-mail for price) or up for trade for a rear disc wheel and aero front wheel. The bag details are as follows:

Size Large
Black outer, black liner
Ballistic nylon base
Double lined outer pockets
Shoulder pad
The artwork was done by Mike Giant and used with permission. The print of the artwork is available for sale on his site.

In other news, Price went ahead and picked up a size large bag with an anatomically correct heart drawn by his girl friend. The red, blue, and black color scheme worked astonishingly well, and I was quite pleased with how it came out, as was Price.

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Adiel said...

That bag looks very nice with that cool design over it. I use to carry all my stuffs in a hydrated pack during my mountain biking. I bought that pack through an online shopping from Hydrapak.