Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Arena Baggage

Oh dearest Internet, it's been far too long. Let's not pretend like I haven't been busy though. Although the crucial link between my camera and computer has somehow been misplaced, I've got a few pictures back-logged. So let's get rolling!

Ty up in Oregon snagged a medium with a beautiful lotus flower on it. The Sanskrit 'Om' is also found in the lower right hand corner of the flap. Someplace on the bag is a hidden pocket too.

Ben was kind enough to pick up a size large for his friend's birthday. It's got an exploded bike on the flap with all the main players labeled. It's recurring theme is definitely 'bright' with an emphasis on 'pink'. If I remember correctly, the outer pockets are also day-glo florescent pink. I definitely got a chance to perfect my lettering technique on this one...

Nate decided to pick up a hip pouch of a custom size. After a few snafus in the process, we were finally both happy with the results. The design on the flap is one of those fish with a dangly light attached to it's head to lure in fish. A blinkie clip-on strap is strategically placed where the dangly light should go. This was my first real foray into the world of plain 'ole embroidery as opposed to applique, and I think it turned out splendidly, if I do say so myself.

More to follow hopefully soon, as soon as I can finish unpacking in my new space and I can find all the delightful things that make sewing ever-so-much easier.


hockeyteeth said...

That angler fish is sooo awesome! That bag is my favorite.

Dan Action said...

Mike, I was gluing a tubular as I was checking out your new pictures. Now my fingers are stuck to my keyboard. The "Mt. Bikemore" bag is holding up great, even with my twice-a-week ride to Boston and gearing up for races.

Nathan said...

MIKE~! I didn't even realize you posted up pictures, but it's quite right that you did. You did an awesome job with the angler bag. I'm seriously so happy with my bag and get quite the few questions/comments on it.

Thanks again, hope all is well in east.