Monday, October 30, 2006

Arena Baggage

I helped sponsor a bike race in Tallahassee October 27th. Unfortunately, I was not able to attend Talloween 2. Around 50 riders competed and I think the bags went to the first undead guy and the first undead gal. Custom frames and other goodies were among the other prizes. Tallahassee really knows how to throw a bike race, apparently.

Monday, October 09, 2006

Arena Baggage

*Sigh* It was a shame to send this one off. It truly was near and dear to my heart. For Adam of San Francisco in the great bag trade of '06. Size large, double layer bottom, compression straps, double outer pockets. I still have the sketches hanging up over my workspace.

Saturday, September 09, 2006

Arena Baggage

After months of promising the world's best college graduation present, Nick finally came through with an order for a medium bag for his fiance Gwen. It's olive green with a grey liner and a Domo-Kun on the flap. Gwen can now be seen riding the streets of Boston with this bag and a shiny ring.

Brad hooked me up with some amazing flap designs for some bags (absolutely incredible - pictures to follow hopefully soon), and had me make him a size large. This bag has loads of extra features, include a ballistic bottom and double lined outer pockets. The Denver flag is appliqued across the flap, with a small penta-bike in the lower left. Brad has some incredible skills. More of his amazing work can be seen here.

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Arena Baggage

Matt from Gainesville wanted a fully customized (flap and body) Extra Large bag. The state of Florida is angled across the flap, so it's perfectly horizontal when he puts it on. Matt wanted to incorporate part of his old, defunct faux-leather bag, so I used it to make the outer pockets. Matt also does a lot of bicycle touring (his Bradenton-Gainesville route is outlined on the flap) so he wanted to be able to extend the flap of the bag across his entire bike trailer for rain protection. Voila, a tarp/messenger bag hybrid is born! This bag comes complete with only one flap buckle, extra tie down straps, an over the right shoulder strap, and more other custom options than you can shake a stick at. Matt will be traveling all across the country this summer with his bag. See if you can spot him (he'll stick out like a sore thumb)!

Jaim'ee wanted a slightly modified size large (an inch or two shorter) with two red chickadees. She was going for gaudy with this bag, and the brown, red, gold, white combo certainly fit the bill. This bag comes complete with custom pockets, internal divider, cell phone holder, compression straps, and a reflective strip on the flap. I altered the strap slightly to fit a girl's body better.

Thursday, July 06, 2006

Arena Baggage

Mark from Kentucky wanted a floating pyramid on a size large bag. After much, much debate, the vibrant and coordinating color scheme was settled upon. The bright colors give the bag a mystical, yet slightly playful appearance. The pyramid gives the bag an added depth, as it is made of the vinyl liner material to alter the texture of the image.

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Arena Baggage

I wanted to make a nice bag for myself with all of the bells and whistles. This is a size large with a ballistic bottom layer, two 3d pockets, compression straps, and a few more goodies. I like muted color combinations, so I chose olive green with brown and maroon accents.

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Arena Baggage

This seems like a more professional outlet for my work. I'll keep this updated with information about what I'm working on and pictures of my most recent projects.

First, a backlog of photos, starting with some of my most recent.

This one started as a rush job for Dane in Michigan, with a one day turnaround time from initial contact to shipment. The only guidelines were an anchor in the center, and "Learn_not2burn" across the bottom. It's a stripped down, basic size large.

Luke from Illinois got a little more creative and wanted a protein ribbon emblazoned across his back. It's a size large with a neon green ribbon and molecule spanning the flap. I've included the original inspiration for the bag, for comparison.

Nick from Gainesville decided he was bored with his green stripes (see below) and requested a large, purple octopus complete with reflective eyes on the flap of his medium bag.

Before he ditched Gainesville for Brooklyn, Adam snagged a large bag with a cuddly panda on it. Afraid he wouldn't be able to fight off all the girls flocking to its cuteness, he requested that a bloody panda claw be added. This bag also has double 3d outer pockets, a double cordura bottom layer, as well as an X-strap to distribute especially heavy loads over both shoulders.

Javier in California requested a large/extra large hybrid with the Spanish word for struggle, Lucha, embroidered across the bottom. This bag reminds me of a tuxedo with it's white and black color scheme. This bag includes an internal divider, U-lock holster, and external water bottle pocket.

This medium colored block bag was made for display in a craft fair in Orlando. After it didn't sell, I snagged it for personal, light-load use around town. The medium is the perfect size for summer classes and light picnics.

Lex at Bikes and More ordered a run of four size large messenger bags to sell in his shop. He requested two city themed bags, one flying anvil, and one road. This is what I came up with. As far as I know, only one is left in the shop.

Nick from Gainesville started me off with my first sale. One extra large bag with neon green stripes across the flap. This bag used seat belt webbing for the strap, and an actual truck tarp for the liner. After I used these materials on my own bag for about a week, I realized it was a bad idea. Nick doesn't seem to mind though, as he's refused replacement of both.