Friday, October 12, 2007

Arena Baggage

Finally the pictures can come make the leap from camera to hard drive, and finally the quintessential leap across the world wide web!

Ladies and gentlemen, I present for your viewing pleasure the one and only, adequately coined by the owner himself, Mt. Bikemore bag! A good friend changed my life with a beautiful shift lever and in return, what else could I do but make him a bag? When given free reign over a design, my tastes tend to go toward the ridiculous. What you see here is (starting on the left) the venerable Eddy Merckx, followed rather goofily by the Ronald-McDonald-haired Greg Lemond, followed, appropriately, by the great Badger, Bernard Hinault. Who could that last famed rider be, you might ask. Why it's none other than Mr. Dan Action himself, immortalized in thread. Cheesy? Perhaps. But hey, if it wasn't, what fun would it be? Ride-Rite!