Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Arena Baggage

Eric Stubbs asked me to be a sponsor for the Gainesville Bikes, Camera Action! photo-scavenger race in Gainvesille back in January. Along with several other local businesses and framebuilder Brendan McGrath of McGrath Bicycles, I pitched in with a prize (Brendan is actually building a custom frame for the first place winner!). It's a size large with a few additional features, and a Polaroid on the flap to commemorate the photography aspect of the race. Lucky Danny from Tallahassee won it for the best individual photo!

Shannon from Tallahassee also picked up a bag from me. It's the same medium/large hybrid that Mark got a while back with an outline of a beautiful ballerina dancing across the flap.

The annual Broken Hearts and Bike Parts race in Atlanta came around again (the third one!) to benefit the Sopo Bike Co-op. Amy rode an amazing race and won the bag in the end. I'm told a fellow named Austin snagged the hip pouch by getting a bonus for riding all the way out to Decatur and back. Speaking of which, now introducing the Arena Baggage hip pouch!

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sopo rachael said...

such beautiful bags! a million thanks! and thanks for supporting THE ROCK! exclamation points!!!!