Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Arena Baggage

Well, it's time for a much needed update. I've been busier than usual and had a bit of a holiday run on bags to boot.

Zach got his order in early for this delightful bag for Sarah. It's a custom size, somewhere in between a large and a medium. It's as wide as a large, but not quite as deep, making it slightly more envelope-like. It's got a wonderful yellow and blue color scheme and a freshly redesigned 3/4" thick closed-cell foam shoulder pad.

Pat picked up a size large as a Christmas present to himself. It's got a small white bear with the word Libertas embroidered just below. Also included are reflective tails on the strap ends.

Megan went all out and surprised Mark with this delightful messenger bag. It's a custom size, based on a large, but made just a few inches narrower across the shoulders. It comes with freshly redesigned double lined outer pockets and a thick, comfortable shoulder pad.

Jenny picked up a custom bag to take to her office holiday party as a (very nice) Secret Santa gift. It's a custom size, designed to hold just a few file folders and notebooks. The company logo is sprawled across the front of the strap, and the orange, white, and grey color scheme is continued throughout the bag. Jenny's boss, who ended up receiving the bag, was more than pleased.

P.S. Jenny is really adorable, and it was a pleasure to work with her! (Not that all my customers aren't equally as enjoyable...)

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